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Frequently Asked Questions

We use US-based Accu cast and stone powder for molding and filling. We pour a high quality sculpting medium into the moulds which we have taken of your babies hands and feet.

It takes approx 25-30 Working days for finishing and framing. But in some cases, we try for quick delivery as well.

No not at all, Our complete service is at your doorstep. Our artist visit at your home to get it done.

We provide services in 10+ cities Delhi, Gurgoan, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater noida, Meerut, Modinagar, Muradnagar, Sonipat. 

Absolutely, the material is completely non-toxic and allergy-free, specially made for small babies. The impression powder is made from brown sea weed so it is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is 100% safe and medically certified

No, we use a very fine material to fill the mold. It’s even stronger than POP. The POP casts are not good for lifetime casting.

Yes can choose from both the options : a.) 360-degree view tabletop piece b.) Wall mount glass-framed piece.

Casts can be taken of all ages. From a new born to a teen we do it for all. Our “Family” and “Sibling” castings are a huge part of what we do and are a great idea for people who didn’t get their first children cast. So any age is a good age.

No, as all castings are custom made to suit your layout and size of hands and feet, we can cast anyone of any age.

Absolutely. Color of the impressions, the artwork and color or type of the framing everything is chosen by customer.

We use high quality solid hardwood box frames which are great viewed from any angle. They are fully glazed for a professional finish which also protects your casts and keeps them dust free.

Charges depend on the number of impressions and concept you would like to opt for. Get in touch with your requirements and we shall figure it out. Call/Whatsapp: 9991110651

The casting process requires lots of practice, something which can be expensive if you are buying kits. As a 3D Casting Artist, we have experience which helps to ensure that I get a good result. We have read many reviews of home kits which say they are a waste of money.

We don’t recommend them and here’s why :

The kits are advertised as though any one take some gel, make a mold, fill it up with casting material and make a beautiful hand casting. Frequently these kit castings have missing fingertips and other defects. Unfortunately by the time people figure out that thier kit castings does not look good, the moment they were trying to capture has passed. Now is the time to capture the moment and do it right !

Professional sculptors are trained in all the ins – and – outs of the hand casting business. They know how to get the fingertips and they know properly finish and perpare a casting for display.

You could spend as much on a kit as you do on a professionally-done hand casting from You might spend as much or more for repair or completion of your kits casting as you would have for a casting in the first place. Why not get it done right the first time ?

No, however it’s helpful if baby has been fed before the appointment, as they will be more relaxed.

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